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Rachel O'Donnell

Dr Rachel O’Donnell has 15 years experience as a researcher, and 10 years experience overseeing and contributing to a culture of high quality policy, research and consultation work with ASH Scotland, a national voluntary organisation. Prior to this, Rachel held posts as a research fellow at Edinburgh University, and as a Health Psychology lecturer/researcher at Roehampton University, London.

Rachel has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative analysis, with current training and experience in using the software analysis packages SPSS and NVivo. She also has a wealth of experience of designing, delivering and analysing consultations and survey questionnaires, for example related to the development of organisational recommendations for a new national strategy on tobacco control, and a national audit of practice regarding data collection, monitoring and evaluation within Scottish smoking cessation services.

In addition, Rachel has good experience of designing and delivering evaluation packages and needs assessments, and of developing resources in conjunction with end users. She also has also has experience of conducting one-to-one interviews and focus groups with a range of client groups, including smoking cessation service users, parents and carers, health professionals, young people, older adults, adults with severe physical disabilities, and adults with cognitive disabilities associated with neurological illness.

Rachel O'Donnell